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Jiangsu Sihong Middle School

Time:Jan 24, 2014

You can click here to apply for this job     Si hong is an old county with many thousands of years history.
    Si hong is a county of Suqian city which is located in the west of Jiangsu province. Si hong is the biggest county of jiangsu province, covering an area of 2729.6 square kilometers.there are one million permanent resident population living here, which consists of 26 towns. From the old days, Si hong has been the crab township. Also it has the Hongze lake wetland culture reserve and Aisa's largest American black Yang germplasm Banks. At the same time, due to long time history, there are many places of great interest, like The hongze lake wetland, the
Mourinhn Pier island scenic spot, bird park and so on.
Si hong middle school :
    This school was built in 1994. With the time going by, it has becoming the most important school in Su qian city. The school was located in the surburb of the county, facing the so many main high speed and the city industrial zone, so the geographical position is very superior and the transportation is convenient. The school covers an area is the structural area 36650 square meters, and campus green area32216 square meters.
     At the moment, there are more than 4000 students and teachers in the school.the school has equipped the modern facilities for the students teaching. Like basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, standard playground andmulti-fuctional classroom and so on !
     Also the school has some culture with the other countries, like Japan. So the school has opened the Japan and English class to make us have more culture exchange, now let me show you some pictures of the school :


You can click here to apply for this job

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